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Welcome to SDi

Our Mission at SDi is to provide outstanding service to our clients in the EMS industry.  We seek to increase the revenue of every client by continually searching for progressive methods in claims processing and data retrieval.  Friendly and prompt customer service, to our clients and their patients, is crucial to our success.  We strive to create an environment for our employees that encourages productivity and efficiency because we understand that if our clients are successful, we are successful.


 New WebEMT Update


Announcing WebEMT Version 2.820 Feature Release. In this FEATURE RELEASE we’ve added several new enhancements that we think you will find helpful while using the WebEMT system.

  • One new update is a modification to the Run Entry Patient Procedure Flow.  We have had great feedback in regards to the “Top 3 Shortcut Buttons” added to the Flow process.  Well to make things even better, we will be expanding that routine to include the “Top 16 Shortcut Buttons” which we feel will speed up the Run Entry Process and reporting substantially.  These Top 16 Shortcut Buttons will also be filtered based on Emergency/Non-Emergency Run Type and the full procedure list is only a button click away.
  • We have tightened up the Run Entry Validation a bit more to Exclude Future Run Times and we have also hardened the application in regards to the ALS Procedures Performed.  Now WebEMT will alert the QA Supervisor if a run has ALS Procedures performed by staff members who are not listed as Paramedics or with eligible credentials.
  • We have also been working steadily on all the upgrades needed to run WebEMT on the New Windows 8 OS.  Our primary development environment has been on the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet which we have been loving.  The new Windows 8 alongside this Surface product opens so many possibilities so be on the lookout for updates regarding new features in WebEMT.
  • Because the Internet is constantly changing and upgrading, we are always looking for ways to maintain the highest level of security for our clients – Well it’s time that we make another upgrade.  We are modifying the way that we store the WebEMT User Master data.  In regards to the User Experience, most everything will look and feel the same with the exception of Masked Passwords.  When you look at your user master lists you will no longer be able to view the Passwords of your users as plain text – It will be masked with dots.  This upgrade will also affect the R0038 User Master Report. 
  • The update also contains fixes for several other low level bugs to help improve and secure your WebEMT experience.
  • Be on the lookout for announcements regarding many new features that WebEMT will be offering in the near future.

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